Dr. Jason Carmel featured on NBC News and the TODAY Show

Dr. Carmel and his twin David turn a tragedy into a lifetime devoted to helping people with brain and spinal cord injuries

May 24, 2023

Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center Executive Director Jason B. Carmel, MD, PhD and his identical twin David were featured on NBC News and the TODAY Show sharing their story as brothers growing up and how life changed following David’s accident at age 26 which left him paralyzed from chest down.

After the accident, Dr. Carmel and David have devoted their lives to advocacy and nerve generation research to help people with spinal cord injuries. It is an inspiring story of persistence, dedication and empathy. Read the full NBC feature story here.

Twins turn tragedy into lifetime dedicated to neurologic research

Dr. Carmel's Research on Movement Recovery

Dr. Carmel and the Movement Recovery Laboratory published a paper last year that demonstrated that electrical stimulation improved arm and hand function in laboratory studies. They are now testing electrical stimulation on patients, and the approach could eventually allow people with impaired movement to regain dexterity. Read the Columbia University Irving Medical Center feature article on this research.

Dr. Carmel is the Director of the Movement Recovery Laboratory at Columbia University Irving Medical Center's Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center. The laboratory investigates the nervous system circuits that enable movement in health and limit movement after injury to the central nervous system. The projects focus on the pairing and spare connections of the brain and spinal cord to control arm and hand function.