Jennifer Pimentel Speaks in Spanish-language Podcast 

"Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas" is available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and YouTube

June 26, 2024

Catch our Care & Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Pimentel on this unique Spanish language podcast, Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas (Cerebral Palsy Answers), hosted by digital content creator Azucena Garcia, an adult with cerebral palsy. 

Nearly 60% of the families who Jennifer supports are Spanish-speaking and many rely on her help to navigate the complexities of their CP journey. Jennifer talks to Azucena about our history and our work. She also shares her role as Care & Outreach Coordinator at the WFCPC and her knowledge on accessing services within and outside of New York State and across the country.

Parálisis Cerebral Respuestas fills a crucial gap in Spanish-language resources for families and individuals living with cerebral palsy. Azucena tells us she got the inspiration to develop this resource from her mother, who did not speak English, and when she arrived in the U.S. had a hard time navigating the healthcare system when she received Azucena's diagnosis. 

Episodio 14 - Conociendo el Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center: Apoyo y Recursos


The podcast runs every week with in-depth interviews with experts in cerebral palsy specialists. In her interviews, Azucena seeks to find answers that many other people with cerebral palsy, family members, parents, friends or partners might have. Catch it on Spotify, Apple and YouTube.

Cerebral Palsy Answers Paralisis Cerebral Respuestas Podcast