Winners of the AACPM-WFCPC LifeShots Photo Contest

Top three winners announced

October 18, 2023

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 AACPDM-Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center LifeShots Photo Contest. Submited photos were showcased at an exceptional gallery of work at the AACPDM Annual Meeting in Chicago in September 2023. Winners were selected by popular vote by the participants of the meeting.

1st place: Shannon Thomason, "I Win!"

"I Win!" by Shannon Thomason

"I Win!" by Shannon Thomason

We are so thrilled for winner Shannon Thomason and her family, especially so since they happen to be a NYC family of the WFCPC. 

"In this photo, Emmett and his sister, Claire, are out for a roll," Shannon shared with us. "Ever since his first gait trainer, when he was 3, Emmett has enjoyed walks in our neighborhood. Though we rarely have a set destination or length of time to ramble, we always have fun. Years ago, when he was learning numbers, Emmett would stop at each building and refuse to take another step until I said the address out loud. He's always on the look out for things to crunch or to make noise - sidewalk grates and basement doors are favorites. Now Claire joins the fun with her equipment: skates, pogo or bike, and they compete with each other, making up games and races as we go. When neighbors stop to chat and comment on how they've seen them both grow, Emmett always has a big smile. Though he doesn't speak with words, his face says it all." 

“I am super-proud of the photo and of Emmett and Claire’s relationship," Shannon added. "They don’t let their differences get in the way of them having fun together or of them challenging each other. Even though I captioned the photo “I Win” - everyone in that moment in time is the winner - including me as a Mom." 

Emmett’s physical therapist Lisa Yoon, DPT, PCS was so excited when she heard about Shannon’s win. “I love this photo. Emmett and his family are doing an excellent job showing us how to implement the F-words in childhood disability,” said Dr. Yoon.

The story behind Shannon's photo makes it a winner. Congratulations to Shannon, Emmett and Claire!

2nd place: Alex Mertens, "First Time Walking my Dog"

"First Time Walking my Dog". by Alex Mertens

"First Time Walking my Dog". by Alex Mertens

3rd place: Angela Harris, "Part of the Band"

"Part of the Band" by Angela Harris

"Part of the Band" by Angela Harris

The AACPDM-WFCPC LifeShots photo contest asked entrants to submit photos of individuals affected by cerebral palsy and other childhood-onset disabilities in the midst of doing what they enjoy or completing a basic task or celebrating a major accomplishment. The Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center is proud supporter of the contest. 

Congratulations to the winners!