Rethinking the Standard of Care for Cerebral Palsy

Webinar // Oct 1, 2020 // 7-8:30 pm EST

women walking with crutches

Join us for a discussion on making evidence-based long term cerebral palsy care decisions.

This interactive program is designed to provide caregivers, parents, patients, and allied medical professionals with a concise overview of the latest evidence based treatments, while also unpacking some common misconceptions to better inform long term CP care decisions regarding neurological and orthopedic treatment of CP.

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Program Highlights:

  • What are we treating and why? Discussing common misconceptions regarding the neurological and orthopedic treatment of CP.
  • Balancing short-term pediatric improvements with the potential for adverse long-term consequences of invasive procedures or therapies.
  • Interactive Q&A session with the experts.


  • Linn Katus, DO, MSc

    • Pediatric & Adult Neurology, Childhood Movement Disorders
    Headshot of Linn Katus, DO, MSc
  • Paulo Selber, MD

    • Pediatric & Adult Orthopedic Surgery, Gait Analysis
    Headshot of Paulo R. Selber, MD
  • Jan Moskowitz, LCSW (Moderator)

    • Mental Health & Psychotherapy
    Headshot of Jan Moskowitz

There is no cost to attend this event.