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A compilation of resources and services that might be helpful for you, your child, family or friend. Our wide range of resources have been vetted by our team and cover topics like managing activities of daily living, such as transportation, personal care, exercise and wellness etc. to more clinical resources with physical therapists broken down by location. We hope you find this list helpful, if you have any question please contact us. 

Adaptive Sports




Fashion | Clothing




Gait Lab

*WFCPC specialists can see interpret results from other gait labs 

NYU Rusk

HSS - Leon Root, MD Motion Analysis Lab

SUNY Downstate

Connecticut Childrens 


Online Resources


Physical Therapists - Bronx

  • Hands on Physical Therapy
  • Rehabilitation Network
  • Performance Rehabilitation
  • Whitestone Sports and Physical Therapy Center

Physical Therapists - Brooklyn

Physical Therapists - Manhattan

  • Arc Athletic Fitness Tribeca (Gene Schafter, ATC)
  • Breakaway Physical Therapy
  • Children's Home PT
  • EMHR Physical Therapy
  • Hospital for Special Surgery Rehab PT
  • Manhattan Sports and Manual Physical Therapy
  • Spear Center
  • Spear Physical Therapy - Penn Plaza (Jonathan Bernfeld, PT, DPT)
  • Spear Physical Therapy - FiDi (Rachelle Nguyen, PT, DPT)


Sensory Integration

Sexuality, Dating, and Relationships

Summer Camps

Therapeutic Riding


Virtual Physical Therapy Sessions

Women's Health


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