Patient with CP Creates Nonprofit to Help Others with CP Access Care

CP Positive helps with transportation cost for WFCPC patient

April 10, 2024

Garner woman's nonprofit covers travel expenses for Cerebral Palsy treatment

As an adult, Karen Pleasant met challenges when accessing care for her cerebral palsy. Now Karen uses those lessons learnt and her passion for helping others with a non-profit she founded to get to the care they need. Cerebral Palsy Positive supplements transportation costs or covers telehealth copays for clients to access treatment at one of the centers across the country that treat CP adults.

Cerebral Palsy Positive helped patient Annabelle with travel costs to New York to see providers at the WFCPC. Annabelle shared that people with cerebral palsy needs treatment tailored to their needs, but when they reach adulthood, that care is hard to find. Sometimes that care might involve traveling and paying out of pocket. Annabelle has to travel to the WFCPC in New York City for that treatment, and said that Cerebral Palsy Positive helps her enjoy her version of a normal life.

Meanwhile Karen is happy to play a small part in helping people with cerebral palsy get the care they need. "We can continue to work, we can contribute to society, we can be less dependent on benefits", Karen shared.

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Cerebral Palsy Positive supplements travel and co-pays for telehealth visits for people with cerebral palsy. More information on their website.