Comprehensive Care You Won't Outgrow

Hana Azizi, MD

Transitional Age and Adult Care

Coordination and Continuity of Care

The Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center is the only dedicated transitional care program for CP on the East Coast and one of just several such centers in the nation. We are committed to providing families with a bridge of care for a lifetime.

Historically, cerebral palsy (CP) information and treatment have focused on children, but approximately 90 percent of those diagnosed with the condition now live into adulthood. Our mission is to help people with CP of all ages optimize the way they manage the effects of their condition.

Our center provides the coordination and continuity necessary to ease the transition of teenage patients into adult care. 

A growing network of Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) physicians from many specialties, including rehabilitation and regenerative medicine, neurology, dentistry, and urology, provide comprehensive care to our patients as they transition into adult care and throughout adulthood. We are providing care you won't ever outgrow.

Care for Adults with CP

The Weinberg Family CP Center cares for people with CP for their whole lives. Our team is committed to providing multidisciplinary care for all medical conditions associated with CP in person or virtually.

Our core providers include providers from Rehabilitation Medicine, Neurology, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Mental Health:

Rehabilitation Medicine: Dr. Hana Azizi has extensive experience treating both children and adults with CP. She is an expert in assessment and interventions, such as botulinum toxin injections, alcohol nerve block, intrathecal baclofen pump management, and aids for walking and other daily activities. 

Neurology: Drs. Linn Katus and Jason Carmel are neurologists who see adults with CP. Dr. Katus is trained in movement disorders, such as dystonia and spasticity. Dr. Carmel specializes in the recovery of movement with activity-based therapies, such as electrical stimulation.

Orthopedics: Dr. Joshua Hyman is a pediatric orthopedist with extensive experience treating children and adults. All providers work with adults specialists, including  Dr. Roshan Shah for hip and knee disorders, Dr. Justin Greisberg for foot and ankle problems, and Dr. Marc Dyrszka for spine disorders.

Neurosurgery: Dr. Neil Feldstein and others offer Neuromodulation techniques such as Baclofen pumps and selective dorsal rhizotomy to reduce spasticity and improve function.

Mental Health: Psychiatrist Jessica Dodge, MD and Social Worker Minnelly Vasquez, LCSW, provide intervention and medication for treatment of mental health concerns. 
These clinicians work together to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. Our care coordinator, Jennifer Pimentel, helps ensure that all of the needs of our patients, both medical and social, are addressed. Belkis Tavarez helps to schedule appointments and cares for the administrative duties of the CP Center.

Transition of Care

We are here to meet the needs of our patients, especially during the critical period of transitioning from adolescence into adulthood.

Find information on transition planning and transfer of care. This site offers a list of health transition resources in English and Spanish, which includes readiness assessment tools and a transfer-of-care checklist.

Cerebral Palsy Adult Care Leaders