2020 Webinars

Rethinking the Standard of Care for Cerebral Palsy 

Presentation from our live webinar held on October 1, 2020




Paulo Selber, MD

Linn Katus, DO, MSc

Jan Moskowitz, LCSW - Moderator

Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Community

Presentations from our live webinar held on May 6, 2020



Orthopedic Management of the Non-Ambulatory Child with Cerebral Palsy

Joshua Hyman, MD


Orthopedic Management of the Ambulatory Child with Cerebral Palsy

Paulo Selber, MD


Dosing PT for Patients with Cerebral Palsy During the Post-Op Phase

Maggie O'Neil, PT, PhD, MPH


Therapeutic Exercise Interventions to Assist in Bridging the Gap from Hospital to Community for the Post-Op CP Patient

Dean Morgan, PT, CSC


Suggested Modifications to Assistive Equipment for Mobility and Community Reintegration for Post-Operative Cerebral Palsy Patients

Elizabeth Alfonso PT, DPT, PCS, MBA



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