Patient sitting in wheelchair in hospital hallway

Care Coordination

Find the Right Specialist for You

Our team provides supportive services to help you find the specialist you need. We are dedicated to helping you get the care you deserve.

Together with our multidisciplinary team, we develop care plans and implementation of social work services to meet the complex needs of our patients.

Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center Care Coordination

Our Practice Associate Belkis Taverez is the first point of contact for our patient family and help patients access the physicians they need for their care.

Our Care & Outreach Coordinator Jennifer Pimentel integrates and coordinates care from multiple specialties​. She has expertse in logistics and resources​ and helps coordinate care and arrange appointments with the Columbia Univerisity Medical Center​, including our multidisciplinary specialties and equipement clinics. Jennifer is a known resource in the community and connects families to external resources​ outside of Columbia.

  • Minnelly Vasquez, LCSW

    • Clinical Social Worker

    Minnelly Vasquez is a licensed clinical social worker whose clinical background and knowledge is centered around the mental health needs of people with disabilities and older adults. ​

    ​Minnelly provides individual, family, couples, and group psychotherapy at the Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center, 

  • Jennifer Pimentel

    • Care and Outreach Coordinator

    Jennifer Pimentel joined the WFCPC in 2021. In her role, she coordinates all aspects of care for patients and acts as representative of the WFCPC, collaborating with other internal departments and with external community-based organizations. ​

     ​Jennifer's expertise centers around service coordination in Early Intervention Programs, and case management for adults with disabilities. 

  • Belkis Taverez

    • Practice Associate

    Belkis Taverez, our Practice Associate handles the daily communication responsibilities with patients, helping patients access the services they need.​

    Belkis began working at the Weinberg Family Cerebral Palsy Center since it’s founding in 2012 and has extensive and valuable experience interacting with all our patients and families. 

    Belkis Tavarez

Do You Need Help Navigating Our Medical System?

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